Mike (Kermit) Croghan

Software Developer and Poet in Herndon, Virginia

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➻ a geek (poetry, code, comics)

➻ a nontheistic naturalistic mystic / Buddhist (secular, Drikung Kagyu) / Jesus-follower (emergence, Episcopalian, Quaker)

➻ a nonbinary mostly cisgender queer dude (he/they)


Chaotic Good / Enneagram 9w1 / eNFp

➻ a Social Justice Bard


➻ read my poetry blog, free / sour / fruit

➻ trade good words with the Northern Virginia Poetry Group

➻ meet some good humans in the Center Bi+ Community

➻ practice spiritual discernment with Listening Hearts Ministries

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    • Gannett/The USA TODAY Network
  • Education
    • Rochester Institute of Technology